Our lawyers have substantial experience in supporting investment transactions; their knowledge has been gained by working in international law firms, as well as in legal departments of major Russian banks and investment funds. This provides us with a profound expertise in the legal aspects of financial and corporate transactions, as well as a thorough understanding of the entire investment process. Hence, our clients save their time and money by engaging us into negotiating, documenting and implementing such transactions


Norland Legal is a team of recognized professionals maintaining high standards of services. However, we are less formalistic compared to large firms and do not employ numerous full-time staff. As a result, depending on our clients’ wishes, we are able to agree on a fixed rate for a particular scope of legal services, or a monthly fee for legal support of ongoing activities, as an alternative to hourly rates. Our clients can always rely on our personal commitment and high flexibility regarding the services we offer


70% of our legal work has an international dimension, either overseas clients coming to do business in Russia or Russian clients doing business overseas. In order to provide our clients with one-stop-shop solutions, we cooperate with law firms in the US, UK, Singapore, Israel and other countries. Such cooperation enables us to tap into state-of-the-art practices of structuring transactions and to provide our clients with access to the top-level law firms’ services at a reasonable cost


The principal objective of each of our lawyers is to be a reliable partner for our clients at each stage of a transaction, from structuring to implementation. Our goal is to see that our involvement in each of our projects leads to successful negotiation of well-balanced transaction terms, taking into consideration relevant risks and opportunities