We provide legal advice on share and bonds private and public offerings on domestic and international markets, including IPO/SPO, corporate and exchange-traded bonds, as well as securitization projects.


Our services in this area include:

analysis of existing legal structures and their adjustment with a view to raising funds through private or public placements of shares and bonds
legal support to issuers and investors in public and private placements of shares and bonds in Russia and abroad, including drafting prospectuses, conducting legal due diligence, providing legal opinions on domestic law matters

advice on mortgage and non-mortgage securitization, including analysis of the main terms, structuring, setting up special purpose vehicles, delivering legal opinion on Russian laws

introduction of state-of-the-art practices in corporate governance, advice on information disclosure
advice on the listing of securities on the Moscow Stock Exchange as well as on foreign exchanges (either directly or through depositary receipts and other derivatives), disclosure of the issuers’ information and meeting other requirements of exchanges and financial regulators
interaction with the Bank of Russia and rating agencies

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